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Mining tools
Coal mining tools Coal mining tools
We can offer coal mining tools include:coal mining bit mining bits , coal mining picks ,flat cutters be used material 40Cr or 42CrMo, heat treatment with 40-44HRC hardness, has high toughness and wearable character. Tip is made from L
Tunneling tools Tunneling tools
tunnling tools include tunnling bit conical bit and mining teeth body are Alloy steel selected after heat treatment, and with High strength, Tips is made by Low press Sintered, and Suitable Grade Selected according to the Target Projects, Which are to make sure the good performance during working.
Surface mining tools Surface mining tools
We offer surface mining tools round shank picks mining picks with inserts from 8 to 30 mm and shaft diameters from 10 to 38 mm. A full range of head designs, retainer systems and inserts is available for your specific requirements. Customised picks can be manufactured upon request. We can offer Kenn
Trenching tools Trenching tools
trenching bit (picks) conical picks have a range of trenching tools that are suitable for a wide variety of cutting conditions. The cutting tooth SB 38 J is suitable for excavating clay, cobbles (diameter greater than 50 mm), sand, weathered rock and hard rock. The tungsten carbide of the JM type to
Foundation drilling tools Foundation drilling tools

we can offer a complete range of conical bit auger bit cutter teeth  for Pile Piling and Foundation Drilling tools .Round shank teeth are used as ripping teeth on augers, drilling buckets and coring barrels. The range comprises several types for different areas of application.Main fe

Road planning bits Road planning bits
As one producers of Road Planing bits(picks) mining teeth we offer high wear and impact resistance for milling asphalt and concrete roads to various depths. Our Tungsten Carbide Picks offer improved wear resistance as well as outstanding fracture toughness characteristics.
Grader blades Grader blades
Grader blades Mining bits mining cutter be made by material 40Cr or 42CrMo, heat treatment with 40-44HRC hardness, has high toughness and wearable character. Tip is made from Low press Sintered, and Suitable Grade Sele
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