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Tricone bit-for oil&water
Tricone bit-for oil&water Tricone bit-for oil&water

(1)Thread :6 5/8” API , 4 1/2” API , 3 1/2” API ,
(2)Diameter :10 5/8” (270mm) , 9”(229mm)  , 6 3/4”(171mm) ,  9 7/8”(250mm) , 12 1/4”(311mm)
(3)Weight: 74KG , 65KG , 50KG ,21KG ,98KG, 76KG ,126KG
(4)Package: in wooden box
(5)Supply ability: 500pcs/month
(6)Delivery time : 40days

Our tricone bit rotary bit  precision bearings are made with the tightest tolerances in the industry! The bearing materials used have extremely low friction and high load capacity. We use one of the most chemically resistant, heat tolerant HNBR materials for our bearing seal and pressure compensator. This material is very compatible with oil based muds. Seal wear is extremely low with the combination of our proprietary Synthetic grease.
Our tricone bit rotary bit bearing system runs at a lower temperature and pressure than our competition,with our proprietary Synthetic base oil grease. The Synthetic grease effectively pulls heat away from the bearings, and can operate at much higher temperatures than conventional base oil greases.  Our Reaming gage technology allows us to put more active cutting elements on gage than anyone in the industry!  This feature is perfect for directional applications. Its gage holding ability is superior for maintaining gage on lateral or extreme build angles.  We can offer diamond in this feature for the most abrasive applications as well. Bearing and seal life are extended by keeping the cone from rubbing the hole-wall and generating additional heat.
 Design flexibility offers customers the ability to effectively clean the cutting structure,while minimizing cone erosion. Premium nozzles are used for consistency and reliability.
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